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This function downloads and unzips the 'bin' folder needed to run some functions of bioregion. It also checks if the files have the permissions to be executed as programs. It finally tests if the binary files are running properly.


install_binaries(binpath = "tempdir", infomap_version = c("2.1.0", "2.6.0"))



a character indicating the path to the folder that will host the 'bin' folder containing the binary files (see Details).


a character vector indicating the Infomap version(s) to install.


No return value


By default, the binary files are installed in R's temporary directory (binpath = "tempdir"). In this case the bin folder will be automatically removed at the end of the R session. Alternatively, the binary files can be installed in the bioregion's package folder (binpath = "pkgfolder"). Finally, a path to a folder of your choice can be chosen.

In any case, PLEASE MAKE SURE to update the binpath accordingly in netclu_infomap, netclu_louvain and netclu_oslom).


Only the Infomap version 2.1.0 and 2.6.0 are available for now.


Maxime Lenormand (, Boris Leroy ( and Pierre Denelle (